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Using Maestro as Mixer


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Hello. first question on this message board...


I just got off the phone with Apogee after a few weeks of my Ensemble losing sound during Logic session randomly. The Ensemble would not lose connection with computer, but my sound would be muted. he suggested that I should raise my buffer size to 512 and turn off software monitoring... and set up the Maestro 2 for software monitoring. he showed me how to do this and I'm getting sound now but not hearing any of the effects i'm putting on the tracks until i play back. This a step forward and two steps back. would rather just work in Logic and not jump back and forth between maestro... Any advice?


Also does anyone do house calls? I'd love to have someone come out to my home studio and do a real professional set up... i feel like i'm close but still swinging in the dark on a few issues.

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Sorry about the problems. Apogee products normally work well with Logic. I have the Ensemble and GiO and until recently I also had a Duet. No problems with any of them.


Since you haven't said what OS you're using I'm going to guess it's Lion and you have to use the Maestro 2? I'm still on snow leopard with no problems using Maestro. Perhaps you can use that?


You also don't say what version of Logic you use... 9.1.5? Again, that's what I'm using - no problems.


You also don't mention computer specs - it may be necessary to set your buffer at 512 (or not).


If you disable software monitor you will not hear any of Logic's effects. Something is not right - you should be able to use this feature.


Lastly, you don't mention where in the world you live. I do make house calls, but my travel costs from Seattle get very expensive real fast. You're best off dealing with someone local, whatever that might be.

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