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External Midi Ports Not Showing In External Instrument Plug


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Hey there how is everyone going?


So I have finally got my Midi Sport 8x8 all hooked up but the Midi ports do not show when I select external Instrument Plug. All the options show when I select external midi, but when I select external instrument as a logic plug I get nothing.


I did fix this when I was using my midi sport 4x4 but I can't for the life of me remember how I did it because I use a template.


Any help would be great.

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Hey will, good to have you around again! Talk about a coincidence, I was just going over some of the tutorials you posted in our tips and tricks forum!


Anyway... so, trying to understand your issue: if you create an external MIDI track and look at the library, you can see all your MIDI Out ports there, correct?

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You need to have multi-instrument (or regular instrument) objects already present in the environment for them to show up as you would expect in the MIDI destinations drop-down in the external instrument plug.


Try this:


Create as many external midi tracks as you have ports in the M-Audio (check the open library box in the new tracks dialog). Select a port for each track (making sure you click to select a channel in the library pane as well). When you're done doing this, all output ports and channels on the M-Audio will be available on the external instrument plug-in MIDI destinations menu. At this point you may delete the external MIDI tracks.


Basically, if there aren't any multi-instrument (or even "regular", "standard", whatever... instrument) objects already present in the environment you won't get any destinations (except for the MIDI Graphics one) in that menu.



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thanks for all the response @jordito you are the man.


Thank you all so much.


Dave thanks for having a look at my tips and tricks the youtube channel is starting to gain some momentum which is really good. I tried to make it to the Logic / Apple thing you were doing in LA a couple of mths back but I was on the road playing some shows.

I wanted to shake the hand of the man that helped me get ,y head around Logic :)


Thank you all again


Keep rocking



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