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No Memory Prompt

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Hey all,


I posted something similar to this before, but this is a different side of the problem. I'm getting low memory errors when loading samples in Logic in 32 bit mode, when I only have 1.32 GB wired and 1.43GB active in activity monitor.


I've noticed Cubase does the same thing in 32 bit mode. I also noticed I can load way more samples in Ableton as well, which is weird since it's 32 bit also. Yes, I know I could launch Logic in 64 bit mode, but these projects I'm doing are smaller, and some of the mixing plugins I'm using are still 32 bit, so I hate not having the ability to have more than one open at any given time.


So, I'm missing something here? Is there any settings I might need to tweak? I never had the problem on my iMac, so it's odd that it's popping up on my Mac Pro. Just doesn't seem right that I'm getting these errors.


Thanks for the help as always.

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...interesting update. It looks like it might be a problem with Trilian & Omnisphere. I get the error as soon as I create a channel with either on it and no samples loaded. I tested it by loading up samples in Kontakt that were just above 300MB and Logic loaded those just fine. It also loads Stylus just fine as well.


Cubase was most likely doing this too because my TV templates all have Trilian in them.


Still, thoughts welcome. I'm wondering if Trilian and Omnisphere need updates to fix the problem, as Spectrasonics upgrading them to include 64-bit support may have 'broken' something for 32 bit versions.

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I take it back. Omnisphere does it every time. Ugh. Now Logic does it's whole, "There's not enough memory, Logic will quit now". I really, really, really hate that feature. Gee, thanks Logic.


Added Note: Just goes to show how great powered by Kontakt libraries are. :)

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