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Processor getting eaten

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I have not recorded in Logic in a while.

Today I opened up a two track session and saw this.






I have a Intel Core 2 Duo iMac at 3.06 GHz and 8 gigs of ram.

I have never seen my processor be eaten like this when not recording or playing.

Also getting horrible pops I have never heard before.

Could this be cause I am 64 bit mode?





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Try upgrading Logic to 9.1.5...


Also, what plugins (VI & FX) did you use on both of the 2 tracks.. and did you also use Aux's and if so, what plugins did you use on those?


Just using The Vox Logic strip then a clean channel for acoustic also I am up to date even though my signature says I am off.



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No idea then...


Have you changed anything in your setup recently, that might be related to this issue.. between when you last used Logic and now?


No setup changes whatsoever. The only thing new is I am using 64 bit mode. I actually switched to 32 bit mode and it was back to normal.


I think I saw on another thread you said with 8 gigs of ram in 32 bit it can help with plugins or something of that nature? Maybe it was you or someone else.



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