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logic automation issues using massive


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when i automate various parameters of massive in logic (filter cutoff, etc.) i set the points where i want them and it plays back correctly the first time, but then the next time through whatever parameter is being automated doesn't play it back at all. it kind of locks in place while the phrase is being looped. then, it just won't play anything at all, not even when i'm not playing the track, just sitting there playing notes on my midi keyboard. so broken down it is this-

1. plays automation just fine

2. won't play automation

3. won't play anything at all, including recorded notes, new notes, etc. literally nothing comes out when i do anything whatsoever on the track.


this has only happened with massive, but i also don't do much automation other than volume with anything else. i checked massive's site and my version is up to date. i'm using logic 8 on a new macbook pro with 4 gb ram and a dual core processor.

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