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Different Impulse Response File Locations


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I have downloaded many great impulse response files from this site and have a question about why some contributors ask you to put the sdir files in different locations.


All the previous files went in

Hd/library/application support/logic/impulse responses

As advised by the poster of the files, and all work great.


The last set I downloaded, the poster advised to put the sdir files in

Hd/library/audio/impulse responses.


I really have three questions about this, more to satisfy my curiosity rather than anything as they all work great.

1. Why the differing file locations?

2. If I move the new sdir files to the library/app support/logic/impulse responses folder, I am asked to locate the sdir file when I try to load any presets that use these. Is it best to just leave the files in the folders originally specified, or is there an easy way of pointing space designer to the new folder location in bulk rather than for each individual preset?

3. Also, the new location doesn't seem to be remembered the next time logic is opened. Would I need to resave the pst file after pointing to the new location?


Thanks for your help.

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I haven't dealt with IR's for a while but may be able to help you. I'd say the reason they are telling you to put them in a different directory is because whoever created them had them pointing to that place.


I think when they are created you tell them to point to a specific point and they continue to do that until you re-save them.


Basically whenever I reformat/change computers I just have to copy my impulse folders and preset folders to a specified folder that I created when I first created the Space Designer presets. (check the picture)


By the way, if you want the guitar cab impulses/presets for space designer that I showed in the pic I can post them up here.


I would say that re-saving will fix your problem.


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Thanks mate, appreciate the reply. I started to look at moving and resaving but there are literally hundreds of them so will just leave them where the originator intended. If you goto the impulse forum, the new irs that kamil has uploaded are brilliant, still working my way through them, well worth grabbing.



Would love the guitar cab ones you mentioned if you get a chance - always on the lookout for new ones.


Thanks again :-)

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