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Drum sound help


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I'm using Logics EXS Indie Kit on my record and in experimenting I've applied a monster fuzz on it to give it some hair. Sounds cool by itself, but gets kinda muddy in the mix. I'm really looking for a way to make it sound more " garage" and less pristine, but still sit well in the mix. Any suggestions. By the way, it's a rock, post industrial, indie album.

Thanks, cheers.

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The reason for the muddiness usually comes from the low/lowmid freqs becoming too heavy. You could try to eq some of those out before the fuzz insert, by sending the fuzz through an aux channel with an eq before it and adjusting the level from there, or instead of applying it to the whole kit you might just pick out certain elements to fuzz up...like the snare for example...You also might want to play with some parallel distortion as well on the kit.


Hope that gave you some more ideas to play with and good luck!



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