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effects stop when playback stops


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im trying to figure out why is it that any effect like reverb or delay, just cut off when im pausing the playback.

when a project is up,it doesnt happen.but after a while, each time i stop the playback, the effect is muted like theres a gate on it.

this drives me crazy for a very long time now and i'v tried to search in the forum

but it seems that no search option exists. am i wrong?

i just wanna add a small thing : the effect is a built-in one in any virtual AU synth .

when it's in the insert slot it doesnt cut off (tail)



thanks a lot (:

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Let us know exactly what gear you're using too.


Check guideline number 5: http://www.logicprohelp.com/viewtopic.php?t=29410


Which AU synths?



anything for example the vangurd which has a built-in delay.

at fresh startup everything works just fine and after a while it is like something changes and it wont play the effect's tail.my feeling says its a bug but im not sure i can stand it for much longer.isolate the tail (by stoping the playback) is something critical for my opinion


by the way i did read this link you sent me so im sorry if im doing something wrong


osx 10.6.5 logic pro 9.1.3

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by the way i did read this link you sent me so im sorry if im doing something wrong


That's ok, I guess if you're using chrome you can't see where to edit your profile to add your gear to your signature?


If you look at the site with any other browser, you can see the tab "forums" at the top, where you can edit your profile. Add all this info to your signature:


"Most technical questions cannot be answered without this information. The most efficient way to make this information available is to add it to the signature section of your user profile. This is accessed under the blue FORUMS tab (above). Then select My Profile from the menu and go to the signature section. If you can't access our menus, click here to see your profile. When filling it in, please be sure to include:


• Which version of Logic you're running, including the sub-release, i.e., not just "Logic 9" but "Logic 9.1.1"

• Which version of OS X?

• What computer (MacBook, Mac Pro, iMac)?

• What CPU (Intel, PPC)? Speed?

• How much RAM?

• What kind of hard drives?

• What audio interface?

• Anything else we should know?


And finally, make sure "always attach my signature" is enabled."

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Read about the instrument channel's Live Mode in the manual.


If you have that instrument track selected, the effect tails will be heard when you stop playback. When it is not selected, audio will be cut off immediately.


you are right.i did that many times and as i said when i startup a project (a new one or existed one) it is all going just well and i select the track as you said and i am capable of hearing the tail.as time goes by though, it is becoming an impossible mission.

i guess its just a personal (or non-personal) bug.ill be more than glad to hear any suggestions . thank you for not ignoring

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no im sorry its still there.

there's strange thing with the record enabling .this is not the first time i get into it

im arming one track and if i keep arming the rest of the tracks, suddenly i realize that the other ones just gone off record enable.


i also discover that if the instrument is shown on the screen that it plays the tail.

anyway this is as i thought - wonderful and amazing software but has bug or 2

which is fine by me

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This isn't a bug. It's the way it works. Yes, record enabling an instrument track places it in live mode.


Why is this a problem in your workflow? If you press stop, things should stop, right? How does this impact the outcome of your song?




This isn't a bug. It's the way it works. Yes, record enabling an instrument track places it in live mode -- but it doesnt!! i record-enable another track and i need the instrument to be shown on the screen to be able to hear the effect's tail.

and you are right it doesnt matter anything

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If you want to hear the effect tails from an instrument whose track is not selected, then don't press stop. Just let it play.


im not sure you got me right and im not sure i got you.

anyway this issue is solved by that im selecting another track (nothing to do with record enable it ) , and keep the instrument with the delay, shown on the screen.

thus, i can hit stop and still hear the tail .the whole idea was isolate

the effect from the entire mix.


if we are here and talking so allow me to use this platform again

and ask you another thing if i may : im trying to change the downbit counting

in the tempo ruler so after a while in the track (with no bars counting ),

i can start the next section on the downbit .

i know in cubase you can just tell the program " start counting from here "

by changing the "one " to anywhere you like.

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In Logic's main top menu go Options->Open Signature List.

Or click the Lists button on the top right of the Arrange window, and select the signature tab.

There you can change the songs meter based on where you are on the song.


that's not it. thank you but i ment breaking the counting and start

a new "one" , in another words, a new down-beat, wherever i want

for example - in the middle of the 55th bar.

so the metronome will count "one" , "two" , and here , it will start over again

skipping the "three" and "four"


i think i read somewhere that it is not an existing option in logic. is it?

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