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Quitting a project mean reloading samples?


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I may be missing something obvious but I ma sure this never used to happen.

I have a project template that I use for orchestral scoring. The instruments I use are VSL, Spitfire Albion, Ivory2 and Omnisphere mainly.

If I close down a project window and choose not to save it, then open up a new project from the same template, all the samples get instantly deleted from memory and I have to wait for them to reload again. This seems odd to me. I can understand why the samples would delete if I quit Logic completely, but this behaviour seems odd to me. Is there a setting I can use to stop this happening, or has it always happened and I have never noticed it??



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has it always happened and I have never noticed it?


I'm afraid so. Logic only loads samples in RAM as needed by the opened project(s). Close a project and Logic flushes the RAM. That's expected behavior, and the reason so many people turn to alternative solutions such as Vienna Ensemble Pro, or even (I've seen people do this) two Macs running Logic at the same time, one as a sample playback machine, the other as a MIDI sequencer. In both cases you separate the sequence and the sample loading into two processes run by two different apps, which allows you to keep your samples in RAM as you load various sequences.

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