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volume in piano roll for multi-timbral instrument [SOLVED]


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I have an issue that's been threatening to take up time for which I'm really hoping some kind soul can share the most elegant solution:


I've created a basic template to work from that I'm happy with for orchestration. I'm primarily using a few multi-timbral instances of Kontakt, each stereo 16 out to a bunch of aux channels. I'd like to be able to draw in volume in the hyper view of the piano roll for each instrument, though (as dynamic volume for each instrument seems important for composition). When I try to do this on one of the tracks it affects the volume for the base instrument rather than the aux for the instrument triggered on that track.


I'd really appreciate knowing the simplest way to fix this. Do I have to learn how to do environmental editing or is there a more user friendly way now? If that is the only/best way is there a step by step guide available for someone who has no previous experience doing that?


Many Thanks,


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