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Automation doesn't show or shows on wrong track? [SOLVED]


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Right now, I'm pressing 'A" (or toolbar 'Automation') and just one track (called 'Bleeding lead Solo') has it's automation shown - no other track, ever, shows automation. - no matter which track I select before pressing it.


So I'm stuck not being able to look at the automation on any track, except one.


I've restarted Logic and the problem remains.

I was just wondering, is this one of those "I've pressed the X button and that makes this happen" or some sort of weird bug?


The Bleeding Lead Guitar solo in question is wicked awesome, probably get you pregnant just from listening to it, but surely Logic can show the automation on other tracks for a bit?

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When you're in automation view, Logic will display an automation lane over the track and automation menus in the track header IF the track is tall enough, so it depends on their zoom level. What could be happening is that the track which displays automation is taller than the other one.


First, make sure "Autozoom" is off. Next, bring your mouse pointer to the lower left corner of any track's header until the mouse turns into an index finger tool. Shift-click the Index Finger tool to return all tracks to the same height. Then turn on the automation view.

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