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Logic audio waveform levels vary


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When I record audio in logic 8 - on older g4 - it seems that the audio waveform levels are greater (like more volume taking up top to bottom space) during recording and when i stop - they get reduced - guessing at about 25% visually less.


When I record audio in logic 9 on intel macbook - i am not seeing that anomoly - and they levels are close to the same during recording and playback.


Q: how do I get Logic 8 to show the same audio waveform levels during recording and also playback?

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Logic has always done that... it displays a waveform where 100% is the entire height of the track, but when you press stop it keeps the top part of the track for the region name, therefore 100% is now represented as the remaining part of the track. The difference is more obvious with smaller tracks than with bigger ones. In fact when the track is small enough, upon pressing stop, the entire waveform will disappear to be replaced by the region name.


I didn't notice a difference between Logic 8 and Logic 9 but maybe they tweaked this behavior a bit between the versions? In any case, there's nothing you can do to change that behavior, other than adjusting the track height.

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