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Bounce isn't coming out right [SOLVED]


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I have a tape delay plugin (FabFilter Timeless 2) on a track, and at a certain point I automate it to turn on the "freeze" button. This automation comes right before the audio region ends, but the freeze button causes the sound to continue droning on and on. This is what I want to happen, but I can't play back the project anywhere after the freeze automation, because I wont be able to hear the sound. The plugin needs the original sound to trigger the never-ending sound that results.


In order to make this possible, I want to bounce a length of the sound as a rendered audio region and edit as necessary. I tried doing this by bypassing all the plugins (except the delay) on the said track and 2-bus and bouncing the stereo out with the track solo'd, but the audio file that results seems to be in mono or something, because the sound is supposed to be a drone that has a different tone in each ear, so there is a nice stereo effect, but on the bounce, both tones appear right in the middle. I'd like to find a way for the bounce to sound exactly as the original sound does. Hopefully that all made sense!


Any ideas?

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Sounds like I'm not making sense.


I need a bounce of the sound that results from using the "freeze" button in a tape delay plugin. The "freeze" button on a tape delay basically sets the delay repeats to infinite, and keeps the sound looping even after the audio region ends. But, if you start playback of the project anywhere after the audio region ends, there will be no sound from the "frozen" delay because it has to pick up the sound from the audio file in order to start the infinite delay.


But when I attempt this by soloing the said track and bounce from the stereo output, the resulting bounce is very mono-y and right down the middle, whereas the sound when just playing back the track is a wide stereo picture with two different sounding drones in each ear (to avoid confusion, those "drones" are what result from triggering the freeze button in the delay plugin).



Maybe that'll clear things up. Basically, my bounce seems to come out in mono when it should be a wide stereo sound. But I have a feeling that the reason is because of the delay, that's why I'm explaining it all.


Let me know is this makes sense or not!


I appreciate any help!

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I'll take a stab at this....


Generally in bouncing what you hear is what you get. If you solo that track and play back from just before the freeze effect to past it, is it in stereo?


Are you routing the bounce out through an output you are not monitoring (monitoring output 1/2, bouncing through 3/4). In this chain are there any mono plug-ins?


Have you tried bounce in place?



Have you tried bouncing in real time?

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Figured it out -


The sound that resulted from the freeze effect is doubled by the delay itself (the delay delays the looping frozen sound), which I didn't bypass when I bounced.


Still doesn't make total sense, but it's up and running now.


Doug - your help did lead me in the right direction, so thank you!

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