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Kontakt 5 multi out disables some channels

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I am using Studio Drummer and routing each kit piece to its own channel to process individually.


I began by selecting Kontakt 5>Multi Output (8xStereo, 8xMono). So Kontakt's outputs 1-16 are stereo and 17-24 are mono. I have everything routed correctly in Kontakt as well as Logic.


My problem is that channels 20-23 are not passing any audio. The offending outputs are showing signal in the meters but are grayed out.


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Click on the "20" make sure that it is routed to the correct output, sometimes this can get messed up, do the same for 21, 22 & 23.


I did and it is correctly routed. Interestingly enough, this works fine in Pro Tools.


I bounced each track down to audio in PT for now but would like to find a solution for the future.

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Looking at the screenshots you provided.. indicates to me this is actually a Kontakt AU Plugin issue and nothing to do with Logic as in Kontakt's own mixer the channels are greyed out. Maybe something config'd wrong/differently within Kontakt's settings for that particular preset you are using?


IIRC, there is a finite max number of audio outputs (16 Mono?) you can use with Kontakt as an AU plugin.. which is half the amount you can use with a VST version of Kontakt. Not sure about RTAS... Don't know if that has anything to do with your issue or not...


Try using K5 as a stand alone with the exact same preset and see if you get the same issue

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Running Kontakt 5 standalone shows all channels grayed out. Clearly it is a matter of Kontakt's outputs not being connected to a physical or virtual output. I believe you are correct about the AU only having 16 mono channels out. I assumed these would be contiguous and only allow 8 stereo outs. However, I am getting output from channels 17-19. I can assume whatever the proper routing is, it is an AU limitation.
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HI Jumping,

Is there anyway you can show me how you set up muti outs for studio one on Kontakt player to begin with? How you went about to get that set up on your screen shot.I am totally lost on this & would appreciate some help on setting up SD.Tried to Message you in here but not sure if it got through.


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