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retro active Tempo/Beat mapping with 9


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'ello all ...


after extensive research I've concluded this solution to my challenge. Wondering if a kind soul wouldn't mind checking my math on this one ?


challenge: an older completed project in Logic 6 ... recorded to a static tempo; a constant 92.1bpm. Midi basic tracks that were then played to with live instruments.


so ... a midi generated rythmn section that was fattened up with a live trap set, bass, etc.

The completed "master" project contains both midi generated sources as well as audio regions. A great groove, song, etc. BUT ! It lays flat with a static tempo.


With hindsight and more experience (and a 'smarter' version of Logic) I've decide to try and apply tempo variances to bring the track more life.


here is where I'd like a few opinions. Working in L9, my theory is to mute all audio regions and create a tempo map manually .. nothing crazy, say a sum variance of 10bpm's ..


then flex the audio regions. They should follow the global tempo map right ?


any holes in the logic ? Or steps I've missed ?


*EDIT - is it wise or crucial that I lock my regions to SMPTE ?


been using Emagic Logic since 3.7 so I am not new to Logic but only as of late have been able to afford a sytem wide upgrade so I am still acclimating to 9. Not to mention I usually wait a few versions before upgrading.


any help, tips or wot nots would be greatly appreciated.


peace to all


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cct ...


good lookin out, thanx ! I am about 20 bars into it already. Imagine I can open another copy of the original "master" (I have a safety, un-altered) ... enable flex then copy/ paste the work I've done so far and then continue on ?


that little bit saved me a huge future headache.

Thank you very much for taking the time.


best to ya'


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