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Apogee Duet 2 vs Original Apogee Duet (preamp and converter

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I've read through the multi, multi page Apogee Duet 2 thread and saw there were plenty of comparisons and reviews on the Duet 2. My specific question is for anyone who has owned the original Duet and moved to the Duet 2: Is there a drastic difference in the quality of conversion and preamplification going on as compared to before? For my mobile rig, I use a U87 to track vocals and occasionally acoustic guitars right into the Duet using it's stock preamp. No doubt its a great sound, and sometimes I use some of those tracks even when I have the option to track @ home through my Avalon. Now, would getting the Duet 2 have an audible increase in sonic quality of my recordings? Or is the difference not as discernable? Or worse yet, is it actually sound NOT AS GOOD (as many have suggsted) as the 1st generation Duet? Any input in this would be of great help..
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