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I will never buy from Waves again.

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That is a bit of a kick in the nuts, it's nothing new though - NI will happily sell you something for full price one day then reduce it by 50% the next…one of the most recent examples I can think of is when they suddenly discontinued Kore & removed all the soundpacks from the online store without warning, there was uproar in the NI Kore forum. People wanted the opportunity to buy any soundpacks they hadn't got round to buying yet.


After a couple of weeks of people tearing their hair out NI finally made the soundpacks available for a limited time to Kore owners, calmness fell upon the forums with people content that they completed their collections - until the next update for all the NI synths became available. Most of the soundpacks were now included in these updates for free.


Cue the same people more ultra p*ssed off than they were before.

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