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Unload Inst Multi without changing patches or I/O


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First off while making the switch from DP to Logic this forum has been extremely helpful! So thanks! My question is; Is there a way to deactivate a instrument instance in logic so that it unloads itself from RAM while still preserving the patches and I/O routing info? This is something I can do in DP that is awesome for templates because I can just active the instance of PLAY of KONTAKT or whatever I want without having to choose the individual patches all over again. So for example, I load all my patches in PLAY "Tuned Perc" and assign my midi in and audio out and then click ENABLE and it greys itself out as well as the the PLAY interface for that instance and if I need it I simply hit ENABLE in DP (little blue circle not the play symbol) and it loads my samples in that multi and I have access to my Tuned Perc without having to re-choose patches and assign midi in and audio out. I've tired bypassing the instrument plug-in but that doesn't unload it from RAM. Thanks in advance!
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Go to Preferences>Audio>General and set the track mute/solo option to 'Slow' (this will create a slight pause between when you hit mute and solo but will also save cpu) This will then make a track deactivate every time you hit mute. In fast mode the track won't deactivate.


Hope this helps.


You also have the option to freeze the track which effectively deactivates the inserts while playing the audio, but I'm assuming you don't want it to be playing?

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Object : how to deactivare "FREEZE"

Hello everyone, I was trying to burn a CD but Logic was removing some of my plug-ins and changing some volumes.

After reading the manual, I tried to FREEZE my tracks to save some CPU . . . .it made things worst ! . . . .so . . . .

I tried to remove FREEZE . . . . . .all the freeze buttons disappeared . . . but the record buttons no longer appear

and I am not able to edit the tracks any longer !


Anybody have any suggestions ?




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