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Live Control of Play, Rewind to, Solo/Mute [SOLVED]

Matt Mayfield

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Can someone please point me to some good resources on how to implement something in Logic's Environment?


I would like to be able to send MIDI note on messages or CCs and have:


- one standing for "Up" and one standing for "Down," to select and solo one track (folder) at a time.

- one for play/stop.

- one for rewind to start.


Eventually I'd like to use a MIDI foot pedal (Pod HD500, programmable to send Note Ons/CCs) to control backing tracks for a live show, and for each song have an audio track to play drums, another audio track for bass (which could be turned off if I'm playing with a bassist), and a MIDI track to run DMXIS for lights.


Any advice, either to implement this the way I'm imagining, or a different approach?





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OK, so far so good; I'm using Solo Mode + some learned MIDI commands to go up and down the tracks. That works to play back the audio tracks & MIDI tracks that control lighting through DMXIS.


But there's a problem: DMXIS includes a tempo-sync function that I'd like to take advantage of, and I'm running into problems having all the tracks in one Logic project.


The way I'm set up, the project has a global tempo of 120 that is ignored since each backing track has its own tempo. Is there either:


- A way to "fool" the plugin into thinking that the project's tempo is different depending on which track is soloed; or

- A *VERY* quick and easy way to switch between Logic projects hands-free; or

- some other way to accomplish what I'm trying to do that I haven't thought of?


I'm thinking I might just have to give up on the tempo-sync and sync everything by hand in the MIDI control track.





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That is a great idea! Thanks!


I experimented briefly with Tempo Control meta events, but couldn't get them to work from the sequence (only a Tempo Fader in the Environment) and it was only 7-bit resolution anyway.


So instead I will stagger the tracks diagonally and include a "Stop Playback" meta event at the end of each, and use my MIDI foot pedal for "Go To Selection Start" instead of "Go To Beginning." That, combined with the fact that selecting a track selects the regions on it, looks like it will solve the problem!


Thanks again!



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