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Channel Strip Levels


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Quick silly question:

If doing a vox session and I want to lower all of the already automated tracks for the vocalist, do I need to set up a bus and reset the outputs of the instrument trax to the bus to control the out put levels or something like this?


What is the easiest way to simply lower the music and leave the vox alone?


Or, should simply lower the output on my headset unit and put a plug on the vox channel to raise the vox level?


Open to suggestion.






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I want to lower all of the already automated tracks


Adjusting Automation Volume on a Single Track

With the automation lanes visible, hold down command and drag up or down on the numerical value or yellow slider next to it in the track header.


Adjusting Automation on Multiple Tracks


First, make sure volume automation is shown for the relevant tracks.


Group the tracks (either permanently or temp.)

Use the Marquee Tool to mark the area you want to edit (on one of the tracks).

Raise or lower the volume by dragging the yellow automation line with the mouse.


Immediately after you have completed your edit, the edit will be copied to the automation on the other tracks.

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