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Deleting blank measures at the start of a project [SOLVED]


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This option did not work for a similar problem I have. I imported an old MIDI file that was created in a different program years ago. For some reason it created over 17,000 empty measures following the song. There doesn't appear to be any data in those measures, but they refuse to go away and it's making scrubbing impossible, because the time line is so long and the actual song takes up such a small percentage of the timeline.


I set the locators at each end of the unwanted measures and chose "Edit->Cut/Insert Time->Snip: Section Between Locators" and nothing happened and those annoying measure still remain. I just can't understand why they won't go away. I hope someone here has an answer.

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They don't go away because they are empty: there's nothing to cut.


What you really want to do is not cut bars, you want to shorten your project file. The project end marker is the number located in your transport bar below the tempo. Double-click that number, enter the new desired bar number where you'd like the project to end, and press Enter.

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