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Searching for an instrument in the Library?


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If the instrument you are searching for, is part of Logic's own library, it will show it if you type in the right name (There is no 'muted trumpet' so nothing will show up)


However, if it is an instrument in a 3rd party plugin then it won't show up unless the 3rd party plugin also adds it's presets to Logic's library, which many do not..


How to test...


Find an instrument by manually looking through the library and then go back to the root of the library and search for it and it should be there.


Was there a specific instrument you were looking for, that did not show up.. and if so what is it's name and which plugin produces it?

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Well it does'nt !?


Maybe you don't have any channel strip setting containing the words muted trumpet in its name? Logic doesn't have any by default.


Note that the Library search depends on the Library focus. So your results won't be the same if the Library focus (white frame around an insert in the Inspector) is on the CSS button vs if it's on an EXS24 plug-in for example.

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