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Volume issue mixing manually played + template drum fills


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Hi there,


Using EZDrummer I have manually programmed in a drum pattern with my MIDI controller. I am now trying insert some of the template drum patterns/fills, but there's such a leap in volume from what I have played manually and the fills.


Can anyone give any easy tips on who to normalize the dynamics of the midi itself, without having to resort to applying compression?


Here is an expample of a section that begins with their much louder preset fills, then my regular manually played pattern from 0:08.



I'd like to be able to transfer my completed drum track in MIDI form to another computer, which an engineer use with us to be the actual drum track, so I'd like the levels to be more even before that stage.



Any help is much appreciated.




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Thanks for the rather noobish tip assistance. A reduction of 20 or so seems to even up with the rest of my more delicately played track


One other thing: like I said, I want the MIDI regions to be the basis of a drum track which I will work on someone else's computer, also with EZdrummer - except he uses Cubase. How can I save all my MIDI regions so they can be transferred over to his computer, with all these velocity adjustments saved into them? I've never done this before.




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