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Kontakt4 can't find Libraries after Kontakt 5 Player install

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Question for all Kontakt experts.


I installed the Kontakt 5 free player successfully, but after doing so, Kontakt 4 can no longer load my third party libraries.

Kontakt 4 worked fine before.


All "Player libraries" such as LASS; Spitfire etc. load fine, and the Kontakt 4 factory library tab appears in the libraries tab, which contains all of my "non Player" libraries such as Tonehammer etc.

All instruments are properly displayed, but an attempt to load them results in the error message, "...nki could not be loaded, maybe it has been written by a newer version of Kontakt"


I tried to remove and rescan the library, batch re-save, stand alone mode, erasing Kontakt 5, no luck.

Strangely, previous Logic projects, in which I use patches from these libraries, load fine.

If I then try to replace those sounds with new ones, I get the error message.


Anyone know what else to try?


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