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Most reliable version of SL?

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In addition,


In regards to your music machine at the studio or at home:


Do you avoid installing third party software like skype, msn, whatnot to avoid any problems with your machine? or do you not pay much attention to things like that?



I've always read that "install what you need" rule. It makes alot of sense and is easier for trouble shooting if a problem ever arises.

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There's a difference between installing software unrelated to music making...and running this software while making music.




I don't mean running it during music making. But just having it on the music making computer in general.



Personally I would keep it off for a few reasons.


1. Avoid unnecessary crap getting installed and taking up space.

2. If any problems arise you can quickly narrow the issues down instead of removing those applications one by one to see if they had anything to do with it.


I'm sure there's other reasons aswell :)

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I've relied on Skype before when working long-distance with someone. It hasn't killed my computer yet. I know others that use it too. For the same purposes.


If you don't know what gets installed and what runs and when in your computer, then don't install stuff you don't absolutely need. You need to be in control.


Having said all this...it still isn't (OSX) anything like Windows, where you need to prune the OS to get the best performance possible.



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