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Channel Strip volume won't stay at desired level [SOLVED]


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I have temporarily changed my set-up. Here's what I'm using:


Logic Pro 9.1.5, Audio Kontrol 1 Interface, M-Audio Oxygen 8 Keyboard

Mac OSX 10.6.8-Processor 2.13 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo- Memory 2GB 800 MHz DDR2 SDRAM


The volume on certain channel strips will not stay at the level that I set. The channels that were used before I changed my set-up have remained the same. The problem is with the channels that I've added to the session since changing my set-up. Especially, when looping, it drops down so low as to be inaudible. Please help


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What is a CC #7?


Volume Controller Data.


If you have MIDI regions in a track that is giving you this volume issue, select a region where the problem occurs and open up the Event List (Press E). Click Notes at the top of the Event List to filter out the notes and look for Volume Data Controller 7 events. Select them and delete them.


If this is not the issue then you probably either have some Track Automation going on or your Oxygen is sending out rogue Volume Data messages to Logic (to troubleshoot that just unplug you MIDI controller and see if the issue goes away).

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