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logic transpose parameters ?


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Select the audio region and switch on Flex for a moment after that switch the Flex time Off. A Transpose parameter should appear in the Inspector so you can use it to transpose.

Another alternative non-destructive method is to insert a Vocal Transformer plugin into the Audio track and automate the Pitch (and may be the Formant) knobs.



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tried the flex.. that dont work...


I see, probably it is my fault regarding the detailed explanation...

To use that tip you must know that the audio files you want to transpose must be natively recorded or bounced in that Logic song (you did not mention what kind of audio you use in that project in your original post). Now I guess you try to transpose "Imported Audio file(s)" which are not recorded/bounced in that project - right ?

In this scenario you can:

• Solo and re-bounce the imported audio(s), check (Add to bin) bounce option, and re-import that files.

• Set the Output select of the source audio channel(s) to a bus (buses), assign an audio (or more tracks (Input Select) to record from that bus (buses). In this scenario you can re-record a set of audio tracks to another set of audio tracks in one go.


Note: Bounce in place does not work according my tests.


After these procedures you can try the Flex On/Off tip I was talking about in my previous post - the audio region "Transpose" option must appear in the inspector and work as expected.


so when i bounce the final project it sounds different


Not such issues in my system specially with the Vocal Transformer Automation or any other plugins TBA though I remember some "Solo" automation (post bounce issues) in the pass. So if your project Automation is OK during play you can try to Bounce in realtime which must fix your problem !


Regarding both methods I recommend the 2dn one (Vocal Transformer). It gives much more native results cause it behaves as realtime "Pitch Stretching" and keeps the audio native quality (the region Transpose tip behaves as Pitch Shifting and it may sound funny if you transpose more than 4-5 semitones). You can use the "Formant" knob +1 or -1 per each 5 Pitch knob semitone assignments. Regarding the automation accuracy you can assign an "Automation List" keycommand to open the track automation, select all or what you want and use the Quantize dialog to quantize the automation (it is not bad to hit "A" to show the track automation in the arrange).




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