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Logic - ISA One - 003 Clocking Issue


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Hey there


I am running Logic Pro 9 using a Digi 003 Interface that is connected via S/PDIF to a Focusrite ISA One. In theory, I am using the ISA as the master clock, with Logic running WordClock off the ISA one.


I recorded some vocals into Logic and can hear some evident clicking noises in the recording that I have heard before in Pro Tools as a result of clocking issues between the ISA and the 003. In PT, you can select what clock source to run off, but in Logic, I can't find such an option.


All the similar posts I have seen refer to changing the clock source on the interface itself, but there's no such option on the 003, and the ISA only seems to have the options to sync to something external, when I want the ISA to be the master clock.


I believe the problem lies in the fact that the S/PDIF connection is not active, but don't know how to change this in Logic. The light indicating a S/PDIF connection on the 003 is flickering very weakly, unlike when I load Pro Tools.


Both the sample rates on the ISA and the Logic session are 44.1. Pro Tools works fine for this connection btw.


Thanks in advance



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