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Record Armed track - No Audio? [SOLVED]


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I recently installed Logic Pro 9. For the past few years I've used Logic Pro 8 on a Tiger system - this is a fresh install on a Lion system.


On a Record-Armed track, if I've got the project playing, I cannot hear audio being played live until I actually hit record.


For instance - Running my guitar into Input 1, Amplitube 3 in the first insert slot. If the track is Record-Armed, but the song isn't playing, I can hear my guitar (through Amplitube) just fine. As soon as I hit the spacebar to play the song, the audio disappears until I actually hit record. If it's not recording, the guitar is silent. In the Amplitube plugin window, it shows no input or output - until I hit record.


This occurs both with input monitoring on and off...


Obviously this makes it impossible to jam along with the track, rehearse a part before recording, etc.....


I don't recall ever running into this in Logic 8 - Is this a setting I've overlooked? How can I change this?


Thanks in advance....

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