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Mastering Solo Piano Classical


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Hi - I am completing a new recording of Debussy's Clair De Lune for a production library.

Just wondering about the mastering process.


I'm working in Logic 9 and using the Alecia Keys piano (Kontakt).


The version on Soundcloud was mastered in the following way.


I've used the Alecia Keys piano dry (without it's own convolution reverb added) and added some Space Designer reverb. I'm no way good enough to play this without quite a bit of help from Logic...

At the moment there is a little more work to do in Logic in tempos to get more rubato and some pedaling that needs looking at.


So I have the Alecia Keys piano, some hall reverb added via a bus and then on the stereo output I have the Logic compressor with the Lagerfeldt SSL emulation with just a tiny bit of reduction showing in the louder passages; followed by the PSP Vintage Warmer2 - also with very little reduction. (FAT OFF) I quite like the VW sound, and although I'm not using it to do much I suppose I'm concerned as to whether I should use any compression at all on such a piece?


I've mixed this to 24bit and then have another project to top and tail the mixes and check levels etc. I haven't added any further processing at this point.


Just wondering if there are some other things I should consider...? There's no budget for a mastering house, so whilst I appreciate the limitations of doing it myself, it has to be done "in-house".


I've just tried the Valhalla Room reverb - think I prefer that over SD, but then I don't know my way around SD very well.





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