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Tempo Curves Glitch


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I'm working on some classical piano music and editing the tempo map.


Putting in tempo curves is great - the problem I have is when I try and copy a curve and paste it somewhere else in the piece. Not always but sometimes instead of the curve being pasted, you get a whole load of tempo steps.

See pic - in this case it actually pastes the tempo curves as steps and also converts the original curve too....??




If you keep trying it seems to work after a few goes. Am I missing something?


Also when you lassoo a group of nodes, why does Logic also select the previous node to the ones you selected as well?




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Jonathan, I'm not sure why the display is different when you copy and paste. However, you do realize that the nice, smooth curve you see in your original curve is nothing but an elegant way to represent the collection of tempo changes you actually see in your second picture? Meaning, if anything, your second picture with all the tempo changes is more accurate than the first one, which is actually a false representation meant to be easier to look at.


So to sum things up, I wouldn't worry too much about it! :wink:

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