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Audiofire 12 Issues

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I am having a few issues with my audiofire. Have contacted tech support and am awaiting a reply. Any suggestions would be welcome. Mainly use a duet, but bought this specifically for drums/possible live applications.


1. Meter lights do not always come one when I power up, and then the computer does not seem to detect the device. Very frustrating.


2. Sometimes, even when the computer does detect the device and it is working in Logic, when I pull up the console screen, it is just a blank white screen.


3. When I was tracking yesterday, all inputs seemed to be working fine and sending signal to the computer, except for input 1.


I did download new drivers and have searched quite a bit, so I am out of ideas. Hopefully echo or one of you has some insight. Needless to say, this is a little frustrating, because I know this is a respected unit and company, so I am hoping it is just me being dumb.



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