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M-audio Oxygen 25 transport issue


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Hey guys - another newbie question if you'll permit it :-)


I picked up an m-audio oxygen 25 keyboard the other day. I think it will be a great little tool for me.


I ran the m-audio direct link installer and for the most part it seems to work great - all of the buttons do what I think they should, with the exception of the play button on the oxygen. When I press play, it plays the project, but with many bars of preroll. (minimum of 8, but I've seen up to 12 or more) This has to be a setting in logic somewhere, right? Where would I find this and how to adjust it?


The play button on the transport bar on the screen plays normally from wherever the cursor is, as normal.


This is Logic 9.1.5 (32 bit) on a 2011 MBP.



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Hmm, Ive got an m-audio oxygen 61 and the mapping did not work out anywhere near as good for me. None of the transport buttons work, in fact the only thing that seems to work is the rightmost slider will change the volume of whatever track is active. Ran the installer per the m-audio instruction pdf.
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You could try reassigning it manually. But that would mean first open Logic Pro > Preferences > Control Surfaces > Controller Assignments... , find the current assignment for the play button, and delete it.


Then open the key command window, find the play key command, and select it. Click the "Learn New Assignment" button and press the button on your keyboard.

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Ok, how to assign the play command to the play button once logic has learned it from the oxygen 35 then?


I'm able to use learn mode and press the play button on the oxy 25, but once that's done, I can't figure out how to assign the play button to that function. As you see in the screen pic, the command box under the key command type is grayed out, so I can't type anything into it. And pressing the "show" button underneath doesn't do anything.


Any ideas? Keep in mind the explanation could very well be that I'm simply a Logic idiot and don't know what I'm doing. :-)


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Yeah, just tried it - similar behavior.


first press - set the cursor to -8 (measures)

second press- same thing

third press - started playing at -8


It's not something I can't live with, I can always just press play on the screen, but it'd be nice to be able to do it from the oxygen too. :-)

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Most of the M-Audio controllers support MMC (Midi Machine Control) messages which can be assigned to some Transport buttons for example. Refer to the M-Audio user manual (I guess "Assigning MMC Control to Buttons") or something like that and you will find a table of MMC transport messages like Play, Stop, Fast Forward etc. Follow the button assignment procedure and try to assign a few buttons for that transport control.

Note: I guess that the Play or some Transport buttons you are talking about are pre-assigned to that function, so enable the Logic Listen MMC Input - see below)


In Logic go to Project Settings>Synchronization>Midi (Tab)>Midi Machine Control (MMC) and check the "Listen to MMC Input".


BTW. If you want to try the MMC it is not bad to delete any previous Transport Controller Assignments in the Logic CA dialog or in the Key Commands dialog !

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Ok, couldn't figure out how to reassign the button in the maudio manual (the first step is "select an assignably button as described earlier in this guide" but I can;t find where that is in the manual Lol).


BUT, i did look at the input of the maudio transport buttons in my midi monitor, and the play button, for example, looks like this.



19:21:02.437 From Oxygen 25 Control 16 Controller 117 127

19:21:02.496 From Oxygen 25 Control 16 Controller 117 0


So the play button is sending an off message as well as an on message, presumably when I release the button. If I press the play button once and don't release it, Logic still does not play the project.


The "listen to MMC Input" radio button is checked... and no difference as far as I can tell....


THanks again guys - I'll see if I can figure out how to reprogram the oxygen 25 transport buttons



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