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I/O Labels (Bus Names) Not Saving After Restart


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Hi Guys,


I was reading past forum posts in an effort to understand why Bus names tend to stay at Bus 1, Bus 2 etc even when you edit the name at the bottom of the channel strip and I found a 'Solved' post explaining that it needs to be done through the I/O labels dialogue. So this I did, renaming all my buses by changing the label type to 'User' and typing in the name I wanted for it (Perc Bus, Strings Bus etc). It had the desired effect -when I went to bus a track, the bus names were customised - but only temporarily........

.....after saving the project and restarting Logic, they have all reverted back to Bus 1, Bus 2, Bus 3 etc.


Any ideas???


Many thanks in advance,


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A Preferences issue?


The I/O labels used to be saved as a separate file, but more recently (Logic 9 or maybe 8 ??), the I/O labels are saved within Logic preferences.


Quit Logic, Go to :Library: Preferences and move "com.apple.logic.pro.plist" to the Desktop.


Restart Logic (note you may need to reconfigure your Audio Preferences) and see if the problem goes away.






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