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Environment for Sequential Six Track synth?

Jeff Cross

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Hey all,


I could build an environment for the Six Track from scratch, but was hoping someone already had one made I could have.


And before some one says it, I know how easy it would be to make my own, but I really don't feel like investing the time unless really necessary.





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An environment to do what, exactly?


I would have thought an early synth like that has probably only a basic MIDI spec, making a custom environment a bit pointless.


If you want to make a Logic environment to be able to remotely edit the synth, for example, you need to find out if the synth support this through sysex or controllers - this was an advanced feature for early synths and few have it.


Or maybe you want an "environment" to select patches by name, which is something different. It really depends on what you are trying to do, which you don't specify.

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