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LP8 & OSX Tiger: bought Leopard only AU's: upgrade optio


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Hi fellow Logicians,


In all excitement I bought the FXpansion DCAM Synthsquad with a huge

discount, same thing for the new U-he Diva, and also have bought some

plugins a few years ago which along the way have been updated to Leopard only, causing me to report the updates/upgrades for later.


My setup is : Macpro QuadIntel 1stgen 3GHZ, OS X 10.4.11, LP 8.02,

Metric Halo 2882, Novation SLcompact, UAD-2, lot of sweet outboard


It appears those plugins I've bought or can't update only work with a Leopard system minimum...bummer!


I never upgraded to Leopard, Snowleopard or Lion cuz my system is...rocksolid!

And has fulfilled all my needs until now: composing, mixing (upto heavier sessions) arranging with lotsa simultaneous RAM & cpu hogs-plugins & instruments..

you get the picture.


The studio I work in has scheduled to by a new Macpro somewhere around spring 2012


Until then, I'd really like to upgrade my system to use all the instruments, FX and softs I've bought or refrained to update or buy because of Tiger ( LP9, K4/K5, update my Waves plugs to v8, get the LX480 and all those new UAD-2 plugins

that are not compatible anymore with OSX Tiger)


Now the questions:


* knowing my system (quite old and processing wise still able but not great either) would you guys recommend me upgrading to:

Leopard, Snolep or Lion?

I assume as every system evolves and the new possibilities and functions it

brings get heavier and heavier on the system so which one would likely

keep me in the same ballpark processing wise as now, with little drawbacks

and preferably improvements :D ?

* can I still keep my OS X Tiger ( I don't have the time to port all my ongoing

work to newer software so for a few month I'll likely wanna be going

back and forth between Tiger and the newer OS, to port everything and

in case something goes wrong, go back to Tiger to change/export/finish

those sessions

* I heard about cloning your main HD to another and then upgrading the clone

so you keep both: is it possible? how?

* Would I need to insert the OS carrying harddrive always in HD-bay 1 of my

MacPro or can I leave the HDbay1 for Tiger and use HDbay2 for the newer OS?

* Last but not least: can I upgrade to LP9 on Tiger or not?

Will it be similar cpuwise or bring me back to the stoneage with my old



Well, that's about it!


Thanks to y'all for helping me out!





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