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Set Automation so faders stay where I put them? [SOLVED]


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Hi everyone,


Can someone tell me how I can set track automation (audio track) so that the faders in the mixer window stay where I put them? If I move a fader, obviously it jumps back to whatever volume is the yellow automation line is set to as soon as I hit play again. I don't want to be able to 'ride the faders' and set new automation data, I want to know if there's somehting I can do so that the whole automation line (or whatever it's called), curves and everything, will move up or down according to where I move the fader and stay there. Or do I need to move the automation lines everytime I want to adjust the volume?


Thanks for your help.

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The fader on the channel strip will follow the automation.


You can adjust the overall volume of a volume automated track in the following manner.


With the automation lanes visible, hold down command and drag up or down on the numerical value or yellow slider next to it in the track header. All nodes will be raised or lowered proportionately.


You can adjust multiple automated tracks at the same time as well.


First, make sure volume automation is shown for the relevant tracks.


Group the tracks (either permanently or temp.)

Use the Marquee Tool to mark the area you want to edit (on one of the tracks).

Raise or lower the volume by dragging the yellow automation line with the mouse.


Immediately after you have completed your edit, the edit will be copied to the automation on the other tracks.

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