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Delay in loading AUPitch plug-in....

Red Robin

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In Logic 9.1.5, spec as my signature below....


Having all my Applications on my built-in SSD results in a superfast loading of over 300 plug-ins (includes wrapped duplicates for Automap), but the loading always pauses noticeably for 2-3 seconds on 'Apple: AUPitch'.


I can't find where my AU plug-ins are to establish if AUPitch is located somewhere else and the delay is caused by my system looking for it. It's not a plug-in I have ever used.


It's not a serious issue - Worse things happen at sea! - but it would be convenient to solve it. Any suggestions/solutions, please?

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Thanks, David :)


It seems strange that just one plug-in, and also an Apple one, consistently takes a long time to load. As the splash screen states it's "searching" it seems logical to assume that the AUPitch is not located where it should be.


Do you know where I can view the folder with those AU plug-ins? I've done a Spotlight search to no avail.

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