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TouchOSC Logic template requires Osculator ?

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I read on the Hexlar forums that the TouchOSC Logic template requires OSculater. So it does not support CoreMidi ?

I was interested in iRig Midi and having my iPad wired to my MBP and iMac......wifi is fine for studio use but for live situations i would rather use a hardwired midi connection.


BTW, how reliable is the ipad/TouchOSC combo.

I am interested in speeding up and keeping my workflow consistent, not bogged down by tech support and troubleshooting......


Please advice.


Strictly for Logic control surface usage, which app is the deepest and most comprehensive. The Logic template, especially with the Chanel Strip page looks awesome. V-Control pro looks cool too but i dont know if its that deep or not.

Opinions please....





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I use TouchOSC, V-Control, and eyoControl on my iPad2 as an extra set of hands to control Logic 9.1.5.


TouchOSC is definitely the deepest and is customisable, though I haven't customised so far. The only thing I don't like so much is the black interface, though I appreciate it's better for live club performances etc. Again, I don't use Ableton but I can see how well TouchOSC works with Ableton when live.


In answer to how reliable? - As rock solid as your WiFi connection. I have no experience of cable connection but surely that's 100% reliable.


Of the three iPad Apps the one I use most is eyoControl via Server - I find its huge Transport controls very useful but its other pages are good too.


Each of these Apps has something which the others are missing - For example, V-Control has a Save button, the others don't.


I hope this info helps :)

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