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Undo recording, return playhead to prev. position? [SOLVED]


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i should have heeded your warning! lol

I'm working with rock music. Was trying to manually add midi rock drums (superior drummer), and had my kick/snare laid down, just now working on cymbals... did a repeat/record undo ...bam.. kick/snare track gone.. lol (working in 'merge with selected' mode)



guess I'll use two shortcuts... one for undo, and one for playhead return.



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This thread is great, but it's not working for me. In fact, there's some really weird stuff going on. I have changed/imported all my pro tools presets into Logic, so bear that in mind. I gave 'undo recording and return playhead to previous position' a shortcut command (com+Y). Basically it is returning the playhead, but not erasing the recording. Weirder still, the track I recorded prior is outlined in white, and I also have no volume coming onto my track from my guitar input. It reads signal in the meter, shows a soundwave when recording, but disappears when I stop recording. What is going on here?
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