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1/4 note loops disadjustment


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Good morning


Ive created 1/4 note sound sample . Then I create a loop of this sample using "L" key to expand it all over the time line. I notice that the loop did not match with the division line marks, its not well adjusted. Ive added a caption.


As you can see, when the track is on minute 7:20 the loop is disadjusted. It must cut into 221.


The disadjustment is minimal, but I dont know what its the origin of the problem, because the sound origin seems well cut in time, but it mismatch when I loop it and the time line evolves.


I use "Division" and "Absolute value" into Snap options and Logic 8


Many thanks for help (and sorry for my freak english)


The disadjustment

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Which version of Logic are you on? I'm not sure if the 9.1.5 update fixed this but it's an inconsistent bug that's been around since version 8.


It seems that how you cut the audio region makes a difference. Split by Playhead or using the scissors tool will create the problem - sometimes. The workaround is to use the Marquee tool to make accurate cuts. Note that this doesn't happen to everyone, which is why I say it's an inconsistent bug. And it doesn't affect MIDI regions or apple loops.


And as Ruari mentions, you'll know that your divide worked properly if there isn't a period after the region (at least for bar-length divisions).

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