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Control Mainstage from ProTools


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Yes. You can use IAC busses (which you can set up in your Audio MIDI Setup utility in Applications/Utilities/) to route MIDI from PT to MainStage.


Thank's for the answer David. I will try that. What if i will send a program change from my Korg Kronos to choose a specific patch in Mainstage. Which settings should I be aware of in Mainstage? Midi channel and program change number?


Hope you understand this?


Best regards,

Michael - Denmark

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Where in Mainstage can I set these settings - Global recieve midichannel and the specific program change number for the specific patch?




Global Receive device and channel are set at Concert Level, in the Concert Inspector.


Program Change numbers can be set individually in the Patch Inspector, or you can use the Action Menu in the Patch List to "Reset Program Change Numbers" in one go.




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Hey guys. I'm just starting my journey with getting Mainstage slaved to Pro TOols. I have the IAC bus enabled with 2 ports. My "Logic" being this process is to have the midi track's input in Pro TOols set to my keyboard, and the output of the midi track set to IAC 1. Then, THe input of a channel strip on Mainstage also set to IAC 1. However, when I create a new instrument strip in Mainstage, I only see the keyboard in the midi input popup. When I look at the concert inspector, The global midi input is dimmed. However, the program change receive can be set to my keyboard, IAC 1 or IAC 2. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated, as I want to incorporate the Mainstage soundest into Pro TOols. Thanks so much.



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