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Is it possible to have more than one source of output?


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Hi Everyone.


What I need to ask is very difficult to explain, so please bear with me:


I recently bought a Kaoss Pad Effects unit. I also have a Behringer UCA200 AV interface with 1 input and 1 output, both AV, which is connected via USB to my iMac. So it's not much of a sound-card, but as the Kaoss Pad has a Mic-in, I can plug a guitar to the Kaoss Pad, send it out to the UCA200 and record it in logic. So I thought it'd be good enough for my purposes.


Now, what I wanna do is, take songs from my computer, send them via the Select Line-in to the Kaoss Pad, then loop and process them and send them back out to Logic to record it. Is this even Possible?


If I set the output and input both to the UCA200, then I won't hear any sound, unless I tap the tempo, then record it without hearing it, and then change the output to my internal speakers to actually hear what I looped, which pretty much fails every time. I either go a little over a measure or a little under, or it would be out of sync.


Do I need to buy new equipment? Can this be solved somehow with a software? Will a Sound-card somehow solve my problems?


Sorry for the horrible explanation. Thanks for reading so far.

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I've never used one, but if I understand correctly, you have used up all you're outputs? If this is the case, you could try a Agragate Device, and use built-in output to monitor playback. Sometimes it works, st it does not. Easy answer, new interface with multiple outs.


Yeah, I dunno why I'm being so cheap about this. Any recommendations while we're at it?

Thanks for the quick reply, sir.

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Also, one last follow-up question:

I used to work with Max MSP when I had a PC and I've just recently started working with the Environment in Logic, which is very similar. Could the Environment somehow help me circuit this thing?

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