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Recording with Insert on Input


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Ok, I will try to explain the best I can.


I am trying to eliminate the use of hardware as a front end to my Apogee Ensemble so I thought y not insert a duende channel strip on the input. The problem with this is latency. I've tried the following.


Turn on software monitoring.

Lower sample rate

Fiddle with Maestro


The only thing that works is if I mute the channel that I am recording on then the delayed sound in the headphones disappears.


Is there an easier way to do this that I am missing?


I"m using Logic 9.1.6 - Ensemble with Maestro 2 software and Duende.


A Step by Step will be much appreciated.



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Given that many plugins require a buffer of audio to begin working, and that you can't latency compensate real life, you will always have latency when working this way.


And actually, there really isn't much point in doing so, unless you really have a need to print the material with plugins.

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I'll like to apply some light compression during recording vocals without having to use any other hardware except for the ensemble.


The thing is, using plugins in this way is not the same as using a hardware front end. Most people run through hardware on the front for two reasons - one for "flavour" (which in a DAW you can do just as easily but more controllably on the mix end), and the other to optimise the dynamic range of the signal being fed into the A/D conversion, which plugins can't do as they are already post the A/D conversion.


So it's generally better just to record at 24-bit with plenty of headroom, not worry about input compression, and do what you need in the context of the mix.

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