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Logic Pro 9.1.6 issues


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Hi there


Anybody out there notice any issues:


1. From LP 9.1.5 and still in 9.1.6 where LP hangs on start up trying to validate AUNetRecieve plug-in ?


2. In LP 9.1.6 "bounce in place" now strangely scans through the whole song. even if you only want to record 1 bar of audio. (I did this in 9.1.5 with no problems at all.)


3. Strange midi control & automation changes that occur by themselves while using Frontier Designs Alphatrack.


any help or info would be appreciated cause its driving me nuts :x





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sorry about the logic links :?

No big deal Pleo, I cleaned up your post - if you want in the future you can edit your own posts by clicking the "EDIT" button at the top right. That button only appears when you're logged in.


#1 sounds like it could be related to Logic 9.1.6 freezes when trying to open projects?


#3 needs more details, but please let's use one separate thread for each issue for the sake of organization: Read Me before posting - Forum Guidelines (#4)



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