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Problems with MS 2.2

dr. key

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I'm on OSX LION, latest version, MS 2.2., FOCUSRITE SAFFIRE PRO 24.

I've updated mainstage last saturday.


A half week later, I've tested the new version on my MBP 2010 13"(dual core) with 8 GB RAM and 128 GB SSD. Running a live-setup for my coverbands with ca. 70 patches (including EXS24-Instruments and KONTAKT PLAYER 4 (NY Grand, Mark I, A-200 and Session Strings)). Thought I'm finally having a reliable live-gear. Sorry to say, but I now have more troubles than before (on MS 2.1.3. I got frequent crashes, this seems to be solved), but: On MS 2.2. the CPU-meter shows a high base-level, ca. 30-50%, even if I'm not pressing a key! When playing instruments which worked well on MS 2.1.3, I now get crackles, audio-artefacts and a high CPU-meter around 80-100%! (Buffer-size 128 which worked perfect on MS 2.1.3). I've tried to increase the buffer size. But CPU-usage doesn't reduce significantly until choosing an unplayable buffer-size of 512.


How could this be??? Who needs a new version that decreases the performance of a MBP significantly??


I'm very frustrated about that, MS 2.2 ist definitly not usable for my upcoming gigsthis weekend. Damn, I've paid a lot of money for my MBP and options, had sleepless nights for tweaking and setting everything up. Probably just like you!! Sometimes I wish i've never sold my KORG M3...


For me, apple failed again with this "feature update"!

Guys at apple, please update!! Or do I have to buy a new MBP, is it this what you want?




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Any update what triggered that problem for you?


I've tried to disable CPU-hungry plugins/instruments like SPACE DESIGNER, NEO-SOUL KEYS, my favourite Split (VB3 + NEO-SOUL KEYS) - OMG, did I do this??!! - and replaced it with goldverb (don't know exactly if it was goldverb or platinum-verb, MBP ist out of reach), Split with EVB3 + NI Rhodes Mark I or EVB + NEO SOUL KEYS. The CPU-meter indicates max. levels about 75-80%, some slight clicks especially when changing patches. Runs better now, but not really satisfying. I would say it's now kind of playable.


Please remember that my previous setup (WITH SPACE-DESIGNER FX, NEO SOUL RHODES) worked well!


Best regards

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Hello dr. key,


I must have overlooked this thread. I just posted in another thread ("Feedback from MS2.2 users) about a similar experience with MS 2.2. The CPU usage now is straight in the red at 100%, where it used to be ±40%. Same MacBookPro, same MS concert, without playing or having played a key, same buffer size etc. I do think it must be me, as I cannot believe that this can be the intended behaviour of an update that now "makes better use of all core processors".


Is there some new function / button / something that needs to be at a different setting for MS to make sense? Have you found any solution to your problem?

I did a time machine backup before downloading and it seems I'll be going back in time (start Huey Lewis music cue) ...




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hi guys..um..i've been tswearing at MS 2.2 since it came out..so i feel your pain...Here to say that I fixed my problem and CPU is way down...for me the cuprit was Omnisphere...I use about 10 in my concert. What worked was going to the System page In Omni)where my memory settings were all at "Process Limit"..i changed them to 0.25GB limit...voila! Also limiting polyphony on a per-patch basis in Kontakt helped actually CPU-use. You may need to look at your plugs, especially streaming ones, and tweak

Early Macbook pro 17 inch , older i7@ 2.66Ghz, 8G ram, os 10.6.8. Running in 64-bit with lots of 32-bit dino-plugs.

good luck


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Hello Jefisher,


thanks for the suggestions. Since my last post, I have learned from other threads that the buffer size number has to be ± double the number I used in MS 2.12 to get the same playing effect. (The numbers are probably more truthful now than they were in older MS versions.)


I don't use MS 2.2 because of stereo input channels being turned into mono. A major bug to which Apple hasn't responded yet which makes MS useless for me. But then again, routing a stereo signal into a music program is a weird idea I shouldn't have had in the first place....




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