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Can Logic Pro GUI display the objects bigger?


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Apologies if a thread on this has already been posted, but the objects in Logic Pro (buttons, dialog boxes, tracks, etc.) are relatively smaller than, say, in Garage Band or other Mac apps. Unfortunately, I am not able to use them comfortably at this small size.


1. Is there a way for Logic Pro to display these objects bigger?

2. If I connect to a large external display, will these objects be bigger there? Or the same size, but I'll just have a larger work area?


I'm on Logic Pro 9, OSX Lion, 13-inch MacBook Pro, if that helps.


And I do know the Mac screen resolution can be changed, but that makes everything big, which is not what I'm going for :)


Thanks in advance!

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Honestly I don't know how anyone can work in Logic on a 13 inch screen. It's very hard to see anything, and once you've opened one area you've hidden another, you spend more time juggling with opening/closing areas than producing music!


No, you cannot zoom onto things other than the plug-in windows in Logic. I mean you can zoom in the Arrange area and the MIDI editors, but you can't zoom on the channel strips or on the track header buttons, or the region names, etc...


What you can do is use Univeral Access zoom. On my Mac it's Control-scroll up/down, but it may be configured to something else on yours. You can check under Apple Menu > System Preferences, then click Universal Access and under "Seeing", make sure the Zoom is on.


Finally, what I would strongly recommend if you're considering purchasing another display is its resolution and its ratio to the screen size. The higher resolution, the more stuff you can see, but the smaller everything is. The lower the resolution, the less you can see, but the bigger everything is.


You could experiment with changing the resolution of your display (Apple Menu > System Preferences > Display) but when a display is not working at its native resolution it tends to get blurry. That's why I would recommend a large, low-res display. I personally use a 28" 1,920x1,200 display, which makes things much bigger than, say, a 30" 2,560x1,600 display.

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1. No. You can resize the bundled Logic plug-ins and have the local menus in large font but that's it.


2. Depends on the resolution. A 30" screen with high resolution will have smaller objects than a 27" with a lower resolution. Which is why I have a 27,5" monitor with only 1920 x 1200 px.


And I do know the Mac screen resolution can be changed, but that makes everything big, which is not what I'm going for

Furthermore you won't be running at the native resolution which will make everything smudged. Much worse on your eyes. Always use the native resolution of the screen.

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Not a perfect solution but.....


Lion Instructions...


When I am working on a small screen such as the 13" I turn on Screen Zoom in Universal Access.


System Preferences/Universal Access/Seeing


If you look at the Zoom section there is an options button.(Do NOT turn on Zoom itself) Click that and at the bottom of the new window that opens.. there is a setting for 'Use scroll wheel with modifier keys to zoom"


Check that and I believe the default modifier is the Control Key... so hold down the Control Key and scroll up and down using your mouse or trackpad and the screen will zoom in and out. Handy to see small buttons or text... on a temporary basis...

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David, lagerfeldt and n6smith -- thank you so much for these great tips and advice.


That screen zoom tip is very handy :)


And thanks for sharing your own specs for the displays you use -- I will most probably look for the same thing when I go out looking for a display :)


Thanks again guys -- I really appreciate it!

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