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Please help with my set up! New user..


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I'm new to this forum and Mainstage. I'm exited to learn it because it seems to me that it would be the best tool to perform my tracks live. I have been writting and recording music for the better part of my life. I'm at


Well with all formalities out of the way here's what i'm trying to accomplish. As i explained before most of my work has been done in the studio. Recently i've adapted my tracks to a live set up with a live drummer and me singing and playing some of the guitar parts.


I exported each one of my tracks minus the parts we are doing live in to a Cubase project. The tracks are stacked one after another one with a little bit of an over lap, specially on those that have some king of FX in the outro. Each track is in a separate stereo channel. I have two of my 4 outputs going to the console and the click from cubase going to the drummer. I set up a tempo track in cubase that changes the tempo/click a bar before the next song starts. The drummer hits the space bar on the project and the whole show gets under way.


I bought the video tutorial and i'm making my way trough it. I also searched this forum and the web for a concert setup that would replace my current set up trough cubase. Dp any of you have such as a sep up? if you do would you mind sharing it?


Thank you in advance


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I'm wondering what's wrong with you're curent setup that's making you lean toward MS. Is there something you need that only MS can do? I ask because, if it's not broken, don't fix it.


Two things:

1) To get the most out of this site, please create a signature with you're hardware, software, versions info. That way, it's easier and faster to get helpful answers.

2) be specific about you're needs, and I might be able to build you a template.


Welcome. Cheers!

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