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Axiom Pro Setup not showing up in Control Surface Options

Adam D

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Hey all. I see this topic all over the web, and I've been reading all day and have yet to find a solution. I have an M-Audio Axiom Pro 25 key midi controller with HyperControl. I have followed their setup instructions to the letter and simply do NOT see the controller listed in my control surface options. Any suggestions?


Logic Pro > Preferences > Control Surfaces > Setup > New > Install > Everything BUT M-Auido Keyboard Controller.


Why isn't it there? I have installed the driver. I "think" I have installed the "personality" for Logic, though despite M-Audio's instructions to download the logic personality, there is no such thing. (There IS a personality install for Ableton, Reason, etc... just not Logic.)


Any help would be most appreciated. I hear that HyperControl is really awesome and would like to start using it ;-)





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Hi there


I don't know if you've managed to solve this problem so far - but I had the exact same issue with my Axiom Pro 61 and quitting Logic and restarting it in 32-bit mode solved the problem. I was then able to find it and add it as a control surface as the procedure describes and it works perfectly.

However, I haven't gotten it to recognize it and work fully once I start up in 64-bit mode again :S

Cheers, Andreas

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Same here. Frustrating. All the mapping works perfectly in 32bit mode. It shows up in 64bit, but I cant assign anything. I've got the 61-key model.


Wish m-audio would put out some 64bit support, but it's doubtful as they have recently released a newer (cheaper) version of this controller family.

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