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triggering samples live


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HI there. I have been reading up on this and there are all kind of answers but none that seem to really answer what I want done.....


I want to take some of my film score music and break it into tracks that I can trigger live, i guess kind of like a DJ. So far I have taken one piece and broken it into 3 audio tracks and put them into different keys in the drag and drop ultra beat kit. It works, but I have to hold the key down or the audio stops. Now I know that I can set it to come back around and start over but these are long 2-3 minute samples that once started I need them to just play out. Is there a setting that once I hit a key that sample will play out?


I have read that the ESX work but is a pain to set up and the sample can not be turned off, if say- it was triggered early.


I know the real answer to the question is "get Abelton, kid" but I am trying to use what I have for now.



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